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Coalesced Editor for Mass Effect 3

Follow the guide if you haven’t installed it yet.

Key Bindings & Commands

From Mass Effect Wiki Guide (PC Tweaks)

Key Binding:
bioinput.ini > sfxgame > sfxgamemodedefault > bindings

On the right side of the editor you will see the existing keybindings. Scroll down to the bottom where there will be a blank line. Add any new bindings one at a time. Press ‘enter’ once you’ve entered a new binding to start a new line.


( Name=”NumPadSeven”, Command=”initcredits 9000000″ )
( Name=”NumPadEight”, Command=”setrenegade 1000″ )
( Name=”NumPadTwo”, Command=”setparagon 1000″ )
( Name=”NumPadZero”, Command=”God” )
( Name=”NumPadZero”, Command=”ENABLEPOWERCOOLDOWN 0″ )
( Name=”F4″, Command=”givesupergun” )
( Name=”F5″, Command=”givesuperarmor” )

If a binding doesn’t work, check ” and spacing in the code.

Unlimited ammo and grenades on Reload:

( Name=”PC_Reload”, Command=”SwapWeaponIfEmpty | TryReload | initammo 999 | initgrenades 10″)

Individual weapon tweaks:
bioweapon.ini > sfxgamecontent > sfxweapon

If you want to change the stats of an individual gun, such as fire rate, damage, or recoil.


maxaimerror = (X= , Y= )
minxaimeror = (X= , Y= )

maxzoomaimerror = (X= , Y= )
minzoomxaimeror = (X= , Y= )

X and Y fields should be the same. Bigger values mean less accurate. The above two values fix accuracy when not holding down right mouse, or aiming. “zoomaimerror” is for accuracy while aiming.

Crosshair size
Crosshairs DO NOT scale with accuracy. It is up to you to fix the cross hair size to fit the accuracy that you have modded.

maxzoomcrosshairrange = (X= , Y= )
minzoomcrosshairrange = (X= , Y= )


damage = (X= , Y= )

X is value of weapon damage at level I, while Y is the damage value at level X.

Note: Make sure you also fix the statbardamage attribute to be the same values as the damage that you set. There are two other values for stat bars: accuracy and rate of fire. These two values don’t correspond with the values that actually affect the behavior of the gun.

Rate of fire

rateoffire = (X= , Y= )

Both X and Y values should be the same.


encumbranceweight = (X= , Y= )

Value x is the weight of the weapon at level I, and value Y is the weight at level X. For example, a weight of 1.4 means your cooldown will be slowed by -140% if you equip this weapon.

Unlocking Casual Appearances:
biogame.ini > sfxgame > sfxplayercustomization > casualappearances

To unlock, set the PlotFlag for the armor that you want to -1.



None of this is my creation. These resources were adopted from Mass Effect Wiki Guide.

If you have any other codes to add to the above ones, please contact me with the subject line: “Shepard ME3 General Codes”. Add your name if you want credit.

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